...there can be no courage unless you are scared.

Alter: 29

Ich mag diese...
Musiker: (Musicians: ) Tori Amos, Portishead, ASP, Dido, Vivaldi, Dvorak (...)
Lieder: (Songs: )
Lamb: Gorecki; Stronger
Rosenstolz: Woran hält sich die Liebe
Aimee Mann: Save me

Sendungen: (TV Shows: )
Grey's Anatomy, Futurama/Simpsons/Family Guy, Scrubs, Cold Case, Heroes

Filme: (Movies: )
Lord of the Rings 1-3; Gladiator; My First Mister

Bücher: (Books: )
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

Autoren: (Authors: )
Karl May, Stephenie Meyer (...)

Sportarten: (Sports: ) Snowboarding, Swimming, Skating
Orte: (Spots: )
My room; Munich

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Courage is doing what you are afraid to do...