...there can be no courage unless you are scared.

It's raining round, oh, round about

Grüße! ["Grewseh" ]

Just a quick note before I set off to the infamous choir trip that is responsible for me leaving early.

Last week wasn't too exciting, even though I eventually managed to clean my room! And it was my mum's birthday yesterday.
Tamy, my friend who spent some time in Ireland recently, working for PAIS, came over for a visit very late Friday night. It wasn't before 3 am (or so) ere we actually made it to our beds.. and got up very late because neither of us knew what time it was. ^^;
Just before lunch, we all went to my mum's best friend's church to give some blood for typing/typecast as one of the church's members is suffering from leukaemia and met Glen with his family.

Last week's bike-tour was quite fun, by the way. My dad let me drive in front, so I could choose whatever speed I liked and he would follow me with Rita on the back of his bike.
120km/h are quite windy! ... But Uli even overtook me at some point to dash off at 200 km/h as Rita asked him to!
The party itself missed a few great people ( ) but was alright. Tamy welcomed me warmly and we caught up a little. Yay! I also got talking to a guy I quite often saw in church but never talked to before and ended up showing pictures to him, Tamy and Rita (who was a bit bored as she knew noone and people were rather reserved. ).

Oh .. and I went to the city as I have to get this tuberculosis-test done, but decided to walk a few kms rather than taking public transport all the way. I've never been to that specific part of Munich and was a bit surprised and taken aback at first how very open Germany treats a few certain subjects. Reminds me of this warning they had in the US regarding the Soccer World Cup in Germany two years ago: "When you're in Germany, don't be offended to see lots of sex-related things but don't look for violence on TV. You won't find much." (No direct quoting ... )

Ah well. Next time I just won't walk that way. ^^

I checked out the Munich International Community Church (MICC) today to enjoy an English service again but I think I will have to keep looking for an equivalent of Harbourside. ;D
The church I'm a member of (EVZ) just moved into a temporary building as the rental contract in the old building expired for good, but I didn't enjoy the service there too much either. Very ... calm. ^^ And it is quite strange to hear English songs in German all of the sudden.

That's it for today (see, it wasn't too long ) - I still haven't packed for tomorrow (only half in my mind) so I need to get up early.

So long, farewell, auf Wiederseh'n, goodbye

P.S.: Concerning the title: It's been raining almost since I came back. 'Must be my fault. :D

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