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Message from the lost

Ah... it's ages ago since I last wrote. ^^;;
But most people learn from what I'm doing by other means anyway, so it's not as if I was trying to ignore anyone. =)

Well - I guess I have to start where I stopped, but don't worry, I'll try not to write a novel.

The choir-trip was great, we even had some summer weather, while it kept raining in Munich. (Apparently so much that there was some minor flooding happening..)
I enjoyed lots of unhealthy Bavarian food and got talking to some former classmates who supported the orchestra. One of them spent the last year in Australia. If only I had known... ^^
Oh, I just remember - we (my friend Steffi and I) had some fun getting to the place in the beginning. For some reason (apparently it's the fastest way) our navigation system lead us all the way to Regensburg (123km) and then about a third of the distance back again. It just felt somewhat wrong to drive all the way and then be told to turn around and drive back again.
Plus - our system forgot to notice that the way back was blocked due to really heavy traffic. All in all, we just arrived for lunch, about one hour too late.

Well... on the way back everything went fine until just before Munich where there was some traffic again. Okay, not too bad, we thought, until we drove past the source and realized it was quite an accident, caused by our fellow classmate who couldn't slow down fast enough (from German 160 km/h's) and hit a car (which hit the car in front, which hit the car in front, which hit the car in front).

First thing Monday morning was to find out what happened and whether everyone was alright, as most of the "14th" graders had been sitting in that car. But apart from some major damage to the cars, noone had been hurt (the driver suffered from shock, though).

Alright - everything keeps going as planned and Tuesday evening the castle in the little city of Dachau, close to Munich, is filled with music.
It all went well, even though we made some more mistakes than usual (our teacher/conductor was in a much more easy-going mood than usual, too ) and some voices stopped working latest after the concert. But what's to be expected if you sing three octaves without really being used to it? ^^

My own voice didn't fully recover until two weeks later, but I caught a cold in the meantime as well.

Thus - I didn't do much during my two weeks of "idle time" before my placement at the local zoo started.
The first week found me in the part called "Polarium", where visitors find icebears, penguins and sealions as well as seals. I spent most of the week sorting fish and cleaning windows so people can have a good look at those animals.
One of those polar bears, the 2-year old "child" Giovanna, loved playing with buckets, which was very cute as she would follow you behind the glass trying to get the bucket while you were collecting rubbish. =)

The only part that bothered me a bit was that I basically was too tired to do much else once I came home but it also helped me to get to bed early.

Now, I spent the second week in a part called "Villa Dracula", a building in which bats can flutter around freely, and where you also find free-flying birds and all kinds of rodents. I much preferred the first week, even though I got used to cleaning the "free flight"compound every morning. (Scrub all stones, screen most of the sand and clean & refill the water part)
I even didn't mind "manually" mowing a lawn just after lunch in bright sunshine, but I didn't get along too well with most of the keepers. (Manually mowing the lawn meaning with one of those old-fashioned lawnmowers you have to push as it is without motor I always wanted to do that! )

Due to my doubts concerning German nitpicking, I signed the contract for two weeks and one day. The requirement for being allowed to apply for an apprenticeship place is 10 days of placement, and as the second week only had four workdays, the fifth being a public holiday, I thought I'd rather not risk anything and do the next monday as well.

Good I did! I really enjoyed working in "America", in the part where they keep bisons, wisents, auroxen and cute horselike animals called tarpans. Cute, because the one's they had there really liked cuddling and came running as soon as they saw you standing there, looking at them.
I should mention that both the auroxen and tarpans aren't actually "the real thing". They are breeds that look like the original animals, but as both of them are extinct, they genetically have nothing to do with them.

All this was up to last monday, and since then I spent a good deal of time reading and working on my room. I believe I once said the latter is basically an all-time-project, unless I really empty every cupboard, drawer and bookshelf and start all over again. 'Might do that if I'm bored again next week. ^^

Oh, right, I did try to get a job for the next three weeks, but the place where they were looking for an assistance only needs one starting end of September, but as I eventually got my permit for studying Interpreting, I don't have time starting September 17th.

By the way - I got into Interpreting school! (I'd just like to point that out... )
So I'll probably spend the next three years studying how to translate English works about science and economics into German and vice versa.
This only means I'll have no time to earn money or go travelling anymore so my plans for spending another holiday in New Zealand next year won't work out.

Anything else... hm.. our neighbours had a party last night which apparently went on til 3:30 am, but I left at 2 am. Uh - exciting news! ^^

I say good night for now - or good morning for New Zealand!

24.8.08 22:43


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