...there can be no courage unless you are scared.

Didn't we almost have it all?

Helloooooo world!

I made it and I cannot believe it! I managed to make the ad move to the bottom of this page!


Ha! Sorry. Emotional outburst. =) Which now seems really random, considering the amount of time that has passed since I last wrote. I'm really sorry. I do confess, I had given up on this page. But maybe this is a revival. (Hello, reader, are you still out there? Somewhere?)


I'll cut things short and just say - I passed my probation and am currently on my way to finishing the first year of my 3-year studies! And I'm flying to New Zealand end of next week. By now I've found time to get really excited, which actually isn't too good, seeing as I still have 5 more exams to write and need to concentrate on them. In fact, I should be studying commercial correspondence this very moment. ^-^ Aah, life is beautiful when your blog is not a mess anymore. Right - maybe I should stop being all excited and chaotic.

There are sad news (regarding my blog) as well: the host I used for my pictures quit it services, so I can't upload pictures. Not that I take a lot.. 

That's it for today. I should really at least look at commercial correspondence and have dinner before retreating to bed. Enjoy your days! (See you next time!)

p.S.: I'm working on a little children's story about a Kiwi for my neighbours' son who turns 5 end of this week. I only have two pictures so far... and little time. *sigh* I'm awfully busy these days... 

18.5.09 22:56


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